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I once visited a pottery in Bangalore back in 1990. When I entered the studio and watched the potters at work on the wheel turning a lump of clay in beautiful forms, I felt something strong overcome me. The soft yielding clay in my hands was so exciting. The idea that clay could be turned into any desired shape or form opened a new door of creativity to me. From there began my journey as a potter.
In 1999 I joined the Golden Bridge Pottery (GBP) in Pondicherry, as a student for two years. Working with Ray Meeker and Deborah Smith, my teachers, was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It was here that my understanding of ceramic material, form and design began. But more than that what really grew on me was pottery as a way of life.
pottery vase

ceramic washbasin Today I run my own studio in Goa. I have always loved being surrounded by jungle with only the sounds of the birds for company sometimes. I run a rustic studio, which is very obvious in my work. Shades of nature coming to life in my pieces, which are baked in a wood-fired kiln. I also make my own clay, a recipe using locally found materials and glazes using ashes from the kiln and crushed stones, which constitute many ceramic glazes
Ceramic pottery as a profession is very trying, often bringing one to point of giving up with the damages and disasters that occur when working with this fragile material.

But, when the pieces are finally taken out of the kiln and take on a life of their own, there is no comparison to the pleasure and satisfaction I feel. This helps me keep going and I am so happy to have this wonderful job. I jovially call this selection of pots my ‘Monsoon Collection’. Working in the dark grey, green wet surroundings seems to have imprinted the hues in my mind and transformed into subtle glazes on my pots. The monsoon season is a special time in Goa and I am happy to share some of that with you.